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"I found Gayle's HerbSalt a couple years ago and fell in love immediately. Having lived in Nice, France for 13 years, I learned to use Herbes de Provence in most recipes, but Gayle's HerbSalt is special! You get the feeling it has been just ground in the other room! And that little bit of lavender is absolute genius. They are always on my kitchen counter, and I use them almost every day."
- Katherine Robertson-Pilling, Nice, France & Longmont, CO


"I love Gayle's HerbSalt! I used to buy store bought Herbes de Provence quite a bit, and I try to use as little salt when I cook as possible. After I first tried Gayle's HerbSalt, I refuse to use anything else. It is the perfect blend of wonderfully flavored herbs, with just a touch of salt to add a tasty zest. I use it when I roast root vegetables, grill meat, flavor my omelets, make salad dressing, and even when I snack on popcorn (I don't have to use melted butter when I use Gayle's HerbSalt)! In short, they are the perfect seasoning across the board!"
- Walt D., Longmont, CO


"HerbSalt is a great balanced blend! It's a seamless blend of herbs and salt with no one herb dominating. It works in so many different dishes: roasts, soups, salads, and stews. Try it on your favorite recipe!"
- Mary C. Mulry, PHD Food Scientist, Boulder, CO
"While visiting Boulder I discovered Gayle's HerbSalt. Now I keep a wooden box of it next to the stove at all times. I used it every time I roast a chicken or turkey, bake foccacia, make pasta sauce or scramble eggs. It is versatile, fragrant and tasty! A perfect blend of herbs and not too salty. Thank goodness the company is willing to ship internationally as I've shared it with all my Swedish friends!"
- Debora Bengtsson, Nackanas, Sweden

"I have enjoyed using Gayle's wonderful HerbSalt in my cheesemaking classes and receive rave reviews from the students every time. I also use it in just about everything I cook at home, from soups to sautéed vegetables to roasted meats. It's so versatile and the wonderful balance of herbs and sea salt makes it work well with so many foods. I LOVE this product and Gayle's a joy to work with/"

- Kate Johnson, The Art of Cheese, Longmont, CO


"Let me count the ways I love Gayle's HerbSalt...(1) it's easy and perfectly balanced, (2) fresh flavor, (3) 'herbs de provence' like, but better, (4) nice packaging, and (5) organic. A great thing to have in the kitchen cupboard for a quick dash of seasoning for a roast or potatoes rather than having to blend multiple spices and iodized salt. The sea salt (which has it's own interesting mixture of flavors) and the personal blend of herbs are a great addition to one's pantry. When wanting to make a simple roast more interesting, just sprinkle some on before sliding it into the oven."
- Belle Vie en Auge, Normandy, France


"I've added HerbSalt on lots of different foods...eggs, chicken, and even nachos. Delicious!"
- Jane, Boulder, CO